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I downloaded this scene the other day. It takes a special love of being full to transform your ass the way Roxy has… They’re doing the typical porn thing where they’re all participating, but then when Roxy want it in, she takes matters into her own hands and just mashes her ass down on it. Such a selfish hungry little butt slut.
But, when you need something done right, you’ve gotta do it yourself right?

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Wet, loose and fun… Perfect.


My list of wants just keeps growing…
I can just imagine how this would go. And inviting tingling, then I press it against her pussy instead of her clot, and slowly watch it sink in just like her dildos of the same size. Just, once this has had its way with her, she’d have that pleasantly dulled sensation that strong vibrations give. After that, that’s why my imagination goes wild… I’ve got a couple toys she should try while she’s so relaxed and accepting…

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