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Wet, loose and fun… Perfect.


My list of wants just keeps growing…
I can just imagine how this would go. And inviting tingling, then I press it against her pussy instead of her clot, and slowly watch it sink in just like her dildos of the same size. Just, once this has had its way with her, she’d have that pleasantly dulled sensation that strong vibrations give. After that, that’s why my imagination goes wild… I’ve got a couple toys she should try while she’s so relaxed and accepting…

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When she gets used to your regular sleeve (in my case the Tommy Gunn TPR sleeve), it’s time to get creative. Toys are expensive! At the top, featured with the standard toilet paper tube for scale, is the “Three Extra Inches” sleeve and a full-length Tommy Gunn. Our Three extra Inches sleeve has been hollowed out to only be an additional 1/2” of length and the ballstrap has been cut off of it.

The first order of business is to lube up and put the Three Extra inches sleeve on (2nd picture). It adds roughly another 3/16” thickness per side to my cock for a total of just less than 3/8” diameter change. Get things nice and comfy, then lube it up along with the inside of the Tommy Gunn. 

Third pic…slide the TG sleeve on squeezing the air out of it as you go. Drive yourself into it all the way. Lube up the outside and you’re ready to rock.

The tip and the first few inches stay a nice reasonable size that she’s used to. Then it starts tapering out to a larger and larger girth. It only opens up her entrance and that’s easier for her to take. Opening up deep inside takes a lot of practice. My wife can’t take all of this yet, but we’ve worked about 2/3 into her. Note my hand around the shaft…HUGE circumference…about double the diameter of a toilet paper tube. It’s a “Wide Load” but is very soft like she likes. The TPR material is wonderful. Comments?

Looks smaller than what I use on my wife. Maybe if I give this make your own sleeve thing a try I’ll have to hollow out The Great American Challenge.

With a cock in there at the same time, the experience would be complete.

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That toy looks awesome… The head just small enough to get in, then the tapered shaft to slowly stretch her open. That’s the kind of stretch that is easy to build with. Gradual enough that it never pushes her past her limit, it just gradually moves her limit… As the session goes on and she relaxes it just goes in a bit further and opens her up a bit wider, and she just feels the same constant thrusting full feeling.

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