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If anyone knows where these came from, I need to know! We need more of her here in Gettingstuffed.
I love those hollow plugs. They just force a wide open hole and make it so that she’s prepped and receptive, unable to keep your cock and cum out.  You’ve replaced her hole and transformed it into something better; literally taken a piece of her and turned it into a toy, to be used.  Now, it, and by extension, she, is just a flashlight.  Something used to milk your cock and satisfy you.  Make your deposit.

Whenever I see something like this I wonder how long it’s been in there…
And I always imagine, a long time.

(Source: ladylargelabia)


Anonymous asked:

You should get your wife to have two large plugs, one in her pussy and the other in her ass, and get her to go out and do something(eg shopping) and have her wear a short skirt with no underwear ;)

This does sound like a fun idea…

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