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Making a game of “Is it in yet?”. Dipping into the void, pulling back out all without touching her once, then finally answering her question with a torrent of cum, the first thing she’s felt yet.
Since she’d be all riled up, and after that, even creamy and loose, that obviously couldn’t be the end of it…


Why would you want to do this

Reblogging one of my old posts to answer a silly question….
Simple, why does anyone do anuthing sexual?… Because it’s her kink and it makes her come.

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Anonymous asked:

I've had a new plug, a larger plug, and I can't get it in. I've had fun trying, the pain of feeling my hole stretched as much as it can take made me cum hard but I really want to feel full. What can I do :(

Nothing keep trying! One day it’ll just slip in there.
One thing I’ve done though is find a slightly smaller plug, and once that’s seated put a dildo in too. Then pull the plug back out so that the wide part stretches you around both it, and the dildo on exit. It’s way easier to stretch on the way out, than to force it in.

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