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It barely looks like a pussy any more. Its as if she doesn’t have lips anymore, and her skin just gently curves in and becomes her hole. She’s beat and stretched and altered her hole till it just looks like a vaguely pussy like slot that she stretches open for her own amusement. Doesn’t look like it’s lost any of its fun though does it?

That would be a fun fun game…
I love feeling a pussy loosen. Go in with my cock first, then lick and stretch her doe a while, then cock again.
This looks like a whole other league though. You could keep up the alternating and feel her get more and more loose. Cock, big toy, cock, fist, cock, cock + fist, cock, double fist, cock again… Think she could fit a cock in with both of those fists too?

(Source: great-gaping-girls)

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